Chromebook Chronicles: SML’s Live Tutorial Workshop in March

During the February 24 broadcast SML’s Executive Director Steve O’Keefe introduced the new three-week Chromebook Chronicles tutorial workshop and online user group. The Chromebook Chronicles will be conducted in Google Hangouts on March 2, 9, and 16, at 3:30 p.m. ET.

Chromebook Chronicles is a live tutorial workshop/online user group on Chromebook accessibility and applications. It’s copyright-free, and will be moderated by O’Keefe.

The Chromebook is an inexpensive “netbook” computer that has very little storage or memory. It works to access applications in the cloud, such as Google Docs, YouTube, Soundcloud, Zoho, Microsoft 365, Facebook, as well as video- and audio-editing software. It is also Amazon-friendly.

“Cloudbook is a better name for it,” quipped O’Keefe during the broadcast, noting that “the cloud is ready for your business” and its improving performance opens up a “new world of accessibility.”


The Chronicles will cover the following topics, among others:

  • Status Tray (accessibility, network, and Internet settings)
  • ChromeVox (screen reader program bundled with the Chromebook)
  • Web browser
  • Status tray
  • Video editing
  • Audio editing
  • Screen capture
  • Transcription
  • Google Docs for visually impaired
  • Conferencing (team viewer)
  • Use of headsets
  • Adjusting audio controls
  • Lighting (how you should approach taking video)
  • Printing
  • Android apps
  • Tips for work with the cloud in general

Earlier this month, the Staunton Media Lab has released a Soundcloud playlist for its Chromebook Accessibility Tutorials — a series of four tutorials on using the Chromebook for the blind and those with low vision — written, narrated and edited by SML’s Audio Director Coley Evans.

Please stay tuned for more programming and tutorials related to the Chromebook and connect with us on social media to be notified of new releases. For more information on the Chromebook Chronicles, or to join the online user group, please contact Steve O’Keefe at .

We’ll see you next week for the first installment of Chromebook Chronicles!

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