“Business Plan Live!” and Chromebook Accessibility Tutorial, Part 4

In a “Business Plan Live!” broadcast that streamed live on February 3, 2016, Steve O’Keefe, Executive Director, and Coley Evans, Audio Director, both of of Staunton Media Lab (SML), shared some company news, discussed the business plan for the Staunton media Lab, and introduced the fourth and final installment of SML’s Chromebook Accessibility Tutorials.

In the news:

  • SML hired a new Director of Operations, yours truly.
  • SML’s audio profile of collage artist Deborah O’Keefe is now online. It’s a 20-minute interview, edited to a two-minute audio segment. Contact us if you want one! ($99) Chrome Book Accessibility Tutorial, Part 4

Part 4 of the Chromebook Accessibility Tutorial, a series of audio tutorials introducing Chromebooks to visually impaired people — or anyone who wants to learn how to navigate this computer well — is the final installment in this series.

Part 4 covers how to use a web browser, including how to open a new browser window, how to use the address bar, navigate the left and the right buttons and the Chrome menu (also sometimes called “hamburger” or options menu); and the keystrokes that can move you from field to field in a form.

The Chromebook Tutorial series are quick — just a couple minutes each. Previously covered subjects in the Chromebook Accessibility series included: logging in, turning on accessibility settings, and using shelf and launcher.

Business Plan Live!

The third part of the broadcast, called “Business Plan Live!” was an attempt by SML Executive Director Steve O’Keefe to articulate the company’s business plan in 20 minutes or less. In the complete video of the broadcast on YouTube, O’Keefe reveals he loves writing business plans and has written them for years for many other companies.

“It’s important to have a business plan if you’re looking to raise money,” O’Keefe says. “Unfortunately they’re outdated as soon as they’re written. A business is a living, moving, steamrolling entity, but a business plan is just something stuck in the mud.”

O’Keefe recommends spicing up your business plan with Business Plan Live — articulating your business plan in 20 minutes or less and then letting Staunton Media Lab edit it down to five minutes. It’s one more approach to the business plan and can bring welcome brevity to your pitch.

You can listen to the full broadcast of Business Plan Live! on YouTube, or catch the edited, five-minute version as soon as we can post it. Let us know if you’d like to do Business Plan Live! with us. We will interview you for 20 minutes about your business plan, and then cut it to a 5-minute professional audio, all for only $99. You can’t beat that price! Contact us today to make a reservation.

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