More Ambient Audio from SML – Sansula plus Stream and Birds


The Staunton Media Lab is pleased to offer another piece of copyright-free, ambient audio for your use and enjoyment.

This is a sensational seven-minutes of near silence. It’s meant to run in the background of a video or slideshow or just on your computer while you’re working away. SML audio engineer Coley Evans has kept the sound very soft; you’ll have to turn it up to hear the intriguing tones of the Sansula.

What is a Sansula? A Sansula is a type of thumb piano designed for music therapy. It plays a modal series of tones that are soothing by themselves and also pleasing in any combination. The tines of the thumb piano are pressed down with the thumb to generate the tone.

Hokema SansulaHokema Sansula

The thumb piano is embedded in the head of a drum. It looks like a thumb piano glued in the center of a tambourine. The drum head amplifies the vibrations of the thumb piano, allowing them to resonate longer.

The Sansula is played here in the Taxter Ridge Park Preserve in Westchester County, New York. The audio includes the sounds of water running through a stream, the Sansula, wind, and birds. Songbirds are curious about thumb pianos and will often investigate and sometimes join in. Six minutes into this audio, you can hear a pileated woodpecker laughing in the distance.

This ambient soundscape is brought to you copyright free by the Staunton Media Lab. Use as you please!

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