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New 2 THUMBS UP flash drive from Dr. Cornelius Pianeer

What's On Your 2 THUMBS UP! Thumbs Drive?

4 CDs — More Than 40 Tracks — All Original Thumb Piano Music

by Dr. Cornelius "Thumbs" Pianeer

More Karimba Cover ImageDisk 1: More Karimba! Dr. Cornelius Pianeer Plays Karimba Thumb Piano

You asked for it, he played it! Dr. Cornelius "Thumbs" Pianeer's second all-Karimba recording features the fiery Hugh Tracey Karimba from South Africa, a thumb piano with rattles attached. On this recording, Dr. Pianeer introduces an exciting new sound, the Sandbox Karimba, on the super-jangly, extra-blingy barn-burner, Nashville.

  • Beginning (2:06)
  • Nashville (5:38)
  • Royal Oak Roundabout (11:40)
  • Special K (2:48)
  • Stockley Gardens (3:14)
  • Lewis Creek (5:29)
  • Day Avenue (3:40)
  • Thumb Is My Drum (4:41)
  • B Roll (1:49)
  • Courtyard (5:38)
  • Savannah (1:44)

Thumbin' Round the Mountain Cover Image

Disk 2: Thumbin' Round the Mountain: Dr. Cornelius Pianeer Plays Mountain Melodies

On this delightful recording, Dr. Cornelius "Thumbs" Pianeer plays the simplest of thumb pianos, including the 8-note Mountain Melodies Kalimba. Made in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this sweet thumb piano is ideal for students, beginners, or as a memorable gift for a child. Also included are the 8-note Hugh Tracey "Shield" kalimba and a rustic 8-note home-made thumb piano on Suzie.

  • I Met Her on the Quay (2:20)
  • Wren I Call Your Name (8:24)
  • Marasa (3:16)
  • Eights (4:02)
  • Crazy 8 (4:14)
  • Suzie (2:41)
  • Eight Bird (4:43)
  • The Appalachia Song (2:09)
  • Why Fi (3:24)
  • More Why Fi (2:49)
  • Shield (3:15)
  • Sandy Thumper (1:08)

Sand Dance Cover Image

Disk 3: Sand Dance: Dr. Cornelius Pianeer Plays Sandbox Thumb Piano

The "sandbox" is a gadget Dr. Cornelius "Thumbs" Pianeer straps onto his thumb pianos to make 'em shake. It's a small box of "seeds and such" attached to the back of the kalimba that adds depth and rhythm to the dancing ditties debuted here.

  • Shufflebox (1:43)
  • Sand Dance (2:28)
  • Belimba (3:40)
  • Sandman Shake (0:23)
  • Watauga (10:09)
  • The Ledges (1:48)
  • Bird Seed (4:45)
  • Sonar (4:10)
  • Rattler (1:02)
  • Soft Surf (5:46)
  • Island Breeze (8:21)

New Friend Cover Image

Disk 4: New Friend: Dr. Cornelius Pianeer Plays Thumb Piano

Dr. Cornelius "Thumbs" Pianeer says there are few things as wonderful in life as welcoming a new thumb piano into the family. "New Friend" refers to a vintage hollow-body treble Kalimba made by Hugh Tracey in South Africa some 50 years ago. Other new friends on this recording are "Blue Steel," a vintage Hugh Tracey treble Kalimba in a different key, and the Irin hollow-body treble Kalimba, Dr. Pianeer's first thumb piano from China.

  • First Impression (1:17)
  • Mowbray Arch (7:36)
  • Irin Bridge (7:24)
  • Blue Steel (1:36)
  • Red Wings (6:23)
  • New Friend (9:33)
  • Hipnosis (3:47)
  • Bird Walk (4:42)
  • Tango de Pato (5:59)
  • Cloud Dance (5:07)

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To order your copy of 2 Thumbs Up: Dr. Cornelius Pianeer Plays Thumb Piano, send check or money order for $29 plus $3 shipping to Staunton Media Lab, 644 Greenville Ave. Suite 234, Staunton, VA 24401. CDs are $15 each plus $3 per order for shipping. Track lists are available at StauntonMediaLab.com. Sample tracks are available at the website and at Soundcloud. For more information, contact Steve O'Keefe at 540-324-7023. Thank you!

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