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Charles R. Bowery

- About the Book

Profiles in Leadership
from the Battlefields of Virginia

by Maj. Charles R. Bowery, Jr., U.S. Army

LEE & GRANT combines a riveting historical account of the Overland Campaign with a fascinating, eye-opening study in leadership -- as powerful and relevant today as it was on the battlefields of Virginia. Stripping away many of the myths and hyperbole, LEE & GRANT delivers a clear-headed account of their successes and failures, along with dozens of leadership lessons that managers and executives can put to use in any organization.

Lee and Grant approached challenges in a fundamentally similar way. They called on skills learned through a lifetime of intellectual and practical preparation, applied those skills through carefully selected subordinates, and drove their armies forward with indomitable will and persistence. Imagine an organization headed by someone who combines the best traits and skills of these two exceptional generals -- unstoppable!

"In Lee & Grant, Charles Bowery offers some timely, perceptive, and deftly presented observations on nineteenth century leadership and followership skills that apply equally well to managers, military and civilian, of our era. This well-researched and thought-provoking study is a model of its kind."
-- Edward G. Longacre

"Lee & Grant offers a judicious and compelling command- level overview of the 1864 Overland Campaign, as well as thoughtful consideration of how an understanding of the events of over 140 years ago can be of value to businessmen, military officers, and anyone else who faces the challenge of leadership today. Highly recommended."
-- Ethan S. Rafuse, Professor of Military History,
U.S. Army Command and General Staff College,
and author of George Gordon Meade and the War in the East

"Charles Bowery's book is a remarkably interesting and useful analysis of the challenges Grant and Lee faced as leaders. Bowery identifies the qualities, skills, and methods that enabled them to succeed, and he skillfully translates their experiences into 'Leadership Lessons,' readily transferable to the modern business world."
-- Robert A. Doughty, U.S. Military Academy, West Point

Business is a Battlefield.
Learn from Two of America's Greatest Generals.

The Overland Campaign of 1864 brought together the Civil War's two greatest commanders, Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant, in the longest, hardest-fought, and most destructive military campaign ever waged on the North American continent. Locked in deadly combat, Lee and Grant plotted, maneuvered, and pushed ferociously to win control of each conflic the Battle of the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, the North Anna, Cold Harbor and, ultimately, the nation.


Carol Bowman

- About the Book

by Carol Bowman
Published by Bantam Books

Fascinating, controversial, revolutionary, this groundbreaking book reveals the surprisingly widespread occurrence of past life memories in children. It tells parents how to use these experiences as a powerful new tool for understanding and helping their children.

In "Children's Past Lives," Carol Bowman recounts the startling discovery of the past life source of her own children's phobias. Her investigation began when her young son, Chase, suddenly developed an inexplicable terror of loud noises. At the suggestion of a friend, she tried hypnosis to help Chase resolve his fear. To everyone's amazement, Chase remembered an experience he'd had as a Civil War soldier that was so graphic and accurate, it impressed an expert historian as authentic. Even more astonishing, after Chase revealed the details of his harrowing ordeal on the battlefield, his phobia completely disappeared.

Inspired by how easy and profound the healing had been, Bowman began to investigate past life memories in other children. She found that her son's experience was far more common than she had expected. Through her research and through firsthand interviews with parents, she collected dozens of children's past life memories too complex and detailed to be fantasies, and of events impossible for young children to know about or even understand.

Carol Bowman's exhaustive study is the basis of her carefully documented book, "Children's Past Lives." Dramatic true-life cases -- some involving children as young as two -- illustrate the physical and emotional effects of past lives and the seemingly miraculous relief that remembering can bring. Bowman discovered that many children speak spontaneously -- without hypnosis -- of their past lives, and here she offers parents practical advice on how to recognize children's past life memories, how to respond, and how to elicit the full healing benefits of these experiences.

Bowman writes, "When a child speaks so innocently and knowingly about living before, and so calmly describes what happens after death and on the journey to rebirth, it is firsthand testimony to the truth that our souls never die. These memories present perhaps the best documented evidence yet for reincarnation." Moving and powerfully convincing, "Children's Past Lives" will stand alongside the classics of Brian Weiss, Betty J. Eadie, Raymond Moody, and Melvin Morse in its power to comfort, uplift, and transform our thinking about life and death.

┬ęCopyright 1997 by Carol Bowman and Bantam Books. Please request permission from the publisher before copying or redistributing this file. Thank You!

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