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John F. Brinster

- About the Book

The Sacred Legend of the Great Wall

by John F. Brinster
Published by AuthorHouse
(ISBN 978-1-4343-0039-3, 290 pages, softcover, $17.49)
Available through this site or directly from the publisher:

A new novel by a noted author of science, philosophy and religion with its subplot set in first century China when massive walls were built for protection against Mongolian hordes and alliances were sought with the mushrooming Roman Empire far to the west.

An ancient legend suggested the abduction of the Christ child by an ambitious Chinese ambassador, an early traveler, who replaced him in the manger with his own twin son. Influenced by the messianic prophesy, his mission was to return to China with the secret of Roman success and the potential for Chinese superiority. Following his brother's crucifixion and burial, the second twin was mistaken for resurrection. With similar previously undisclosed events in first century Judaea  an historical account was contained in the controversial Book of Chan, hidden in the Great Wall for two thousand years. The location was inscribed in a set of Chinese seals with sculptured ivory handles since scattered among world collectors of sigillography.

Two Harvard and Oxford professors, meeting on an Oriental cruise, teamed up in search of the legendary book but encountered very rough competition from religious agents determined to prevent disclosure. Amidst touches of romance they uncovered a unique culture at the conflux of the Great Wall and Silk Road. Finding a number of the ancient seals, including several that later had been carried to Venice by the Marco Polo entourage, the academic couple succeeded in computer analysis producing a usable matrix map.

Written in the genre of The DaVinci Code, the book includes an important philosophical addendum on the search for greater realism in biblical understanding that strongly influenced the creation of this unique and somewhat controversial story. Proof readers see it as a best seller and the next major "Hollywood Project."

Alex Brown

- About the Book

The Ladies' Conspiracy
by Alex Brown

When you want to get things done swiftly, ask women to do it. For as always, the power of sex, feminine wiles, soft cunning, and sweet persuasion pays off. Alex Brown's fictional narrative, The Ladies' Conspiracy, recounts in picturesque detail how women possess superlative natural abilities for strategic management. It further shows how Eve's descendants put to good use their being called the "weaker sex" to get what they want.

Brown's protagonist is the vivacious Gilda who has been purposely schooled in the art of love and sex. Ironically, such "education" took place inside an Asian monastery. As the story unravels, Gilda's husband dies and Gilda loses all interest in her worldly existence until three girls came into her life.

The girls are Judy, Lola and Isabel. Gilda teaches these girls the fine art of winning a man's heart. She wants to prove women's strong, innate capabilities through these girls. Soon, these heroines carry out their game plan to prove to the male-dominated world that Adam's counterparts are a force to be reckoned with.

While most literature with feminist undertones are commonly written by women authors, The Ladies' Conspiracy is the product of an imaginative male writer's mind. It is interesting to note that somebody belonging to the so- called stronger sex would harp about and accentuate the persona and capabilities of these feminine creatures. Happily, this goes to prove that the macho image is no longer that pervasive and is slowly loosing its appeal to its supposed adherents.


Copyright ©2002 by Alex Brown. All rights reserved. Please feel free to duplicate and distribute this file as long as the contents are not changed and this copyright notice is intact. Thank you.

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