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Kevin R. Crotchett

- About the Book

by Kevin R. Crotchett
Published by Heinemann

Imagine journeying with your students to a far-off museum. Discussing what you see with artists and museum staff. Creating your own artworks. Sharing them with children from schools around the world. And never leaving the confines of your own classroom.

Learning adventures like these are already a reality for members of the global community known as the Internet. But too many teachers have been denied access to this rich and important world due to lack of time, resources, or expert guidance. This book provides all three.

Written *by* a teacher, *for* teachers, "A Teacher's Project Guide to the Internet" walks readers through the Internet step-by-step, suggesting a host of creative and exciting classroom projects along the way. The book comes with a companion disk (IBM and Mac 7.5 compatible) that gives you instant access to all the sites mentioned through Netscape, Internet Explorer, or other web browsing software.

Both experienced "Internauts" and teachers just getting on- line will appreciate the book's straightforward organization. Crotchett begins with one of the easiest and most commonly used tools -- e-mail -- then gradually progresses to more sophisticated Internet applications, such as newsgroups, file transfer protocol, Gopher space, and creating a web presence for your classroom. At each level of technology, the author offers a series of suggested projects that have already been tested in a classroom setting.

While aspects of these subjects have been dealt with in periodical articles and general how-to books, until now there has been no comprehensive book specifically written for K-12 teachers that combines Internet basics, specifically- identified Web sites, and well thought out Internet projects. Considering that most educators already have more to do than time allows, "A Teacher's Project Guide to the Internet" will prove immensely useful.

The excerpts, below, illustrate one or two projects from each of the major sections of the book. The book itself is crammed with project ideas and the site references necessary to carry them out. For more information about ordering "A Teacher's Project Guide to the Internet," please see the end of this file.

Copyright ©1997 by Kevin R. Crotchett and Heinemann Publishing. Please request permission from the publisher before duplicating or distributing this file. Thank You!

Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, MD

About the Book

by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo
with Catherine Whitney
Published by Broadway Books
A Division of Random House, Inc.
(ISBN 978-0-7679-2524-2, hardcover, 317 pages, $24.95)
Available through bookstores or directly from the website:

For more than 25 years, Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo has been extensively researching the connections between blood type, food, and disease. Combining his findings with previously established research by other scientists in his field, Dr. D'Adamo published his first book, Eat Right 4 Your Type, in 1996. It became a New York Times bestseller and brought worldwide recognition to Dr. D'Adamo's blood-type theories. NutriBooks named it one of the ten most influential health books ever written.

The Next Evolution In Dieting

Dr. D'Adamo's blood-type theories contributed to his ongoing research on genetics and nutrition and led to the publication of The GenoType Diet in 2008. Based on the powerful conclusion that individuals have the ability to alter their genes' behavior, The GenoType Diet takes the science behind the Blood Type Diet a significant step further. Dr. D'Adamo's statistical analyses of the clustering together of genes, disorders, and physical traits produced six distinct and durable categories: the six GenoTypes.


"D'Adamo's engaging writing style, enthusiasm for his subject and personalized advice will appeal to those who enjoy taking a hands-on approach to their health and exploring new theories."
-- Publisher's Weekly

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