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Susan Feitelberg

About the Book

A Powerful Program for a
Lifetime of Financial Fitness

by Susan Feitelberg
Published by Amacom Books
ISBN 0-8144-7315-6, 226 pages, hardcover, $21.95
Available through this site or directly from the author:

Get Your Finances in Shape at Barnes & Noble Online
Join Any Time at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/bookclubs/

Are your bills bloated, your savings scrawny, and your investments sluggish and lazy? The Net Worth Workout offers a powerful conditioning program for your finances that will breathe new energy into your earning, saving, and investing habits, while helping to slim down your spending, tone up your bill-paying routine, and create well-defined goals that will increase your money's strength and endurance. The Net Worth Workout helps you set priorities and goals and develop the discipline and consistency you need to build your financial muscle. The author will show you that:
  • SPENDING is just like eating and calorie intake. "Junk" spending decreases wealth just as junk food decreases your health. But If you make more "nutritious" spending choices, your financial health will improve.
  • SAVING is like weightlifting for your wallet. Saving a sensible amount on a regular basis is easier, more effective, and longer lasting than trying to build financial muscle all at once.
  • EARNING is like metabolism. Too many of us think a bigger paycheck will solve all our financial problems. When you use what you earn more efficiently, you're making better use of the "financial calories" coming in now.
  • INVESTING is like cardiac fitness. It's the "heart" of lasting financial health, and it helps increase your long- term strength and ensures a robust financial life.


"With an approach based on the physical fitness concepts we all understand, Susan Feitelberg provides a call to action that we can all relate to. The Net Worth Workout will help you get off the couch and on the move toward a healthy financial future."
-- John V. Murphy Chairman, President and CEO, OppenheimerFunds, Inc.

"Now more than ever before, American consumers need to learn the lessons outlined in Susan Feitelberg's book on financial fitness. This book is long overdue and worth a close read."
-- Mark Holowesko, CEO, Templeton Capital Advisors

"The Net Worth Workout addresses the most difficult part of getting prospective investors to start thinking about their commitment to wealth building. Your four quadrants make sense, and the life style log is certainly practical. It is my own belief that discretionary expenses are what destroy most people's savings plans."
-- Richard B. Fisher, Chairman, Federated Securities Corp.

"This is an excellent book. It provides a lucid and clever evaluation of the difficulties people face in building wealth and the steps they can take to overcome these difficulties. The book offers real and workable solutions. This is a 'must' read for anyone who finds it difficult to plan and save for the future."
-- Annamaria Lusardi, Associate Professor of Economics, Dartmouth College

"The Net Worth Workout is a breakthrough book that finally makes it easy to take a responsible approach to managing your money. It will help you develop the emotional muscles you need to take complete charge of your finances and control your future security."
-- Dr. Jane Greer, Psychotherapist and Author of How Could You Do This To Me: Learning to Trust After Betrayal

"Susan Feitelberg successfully uses physical fitness as a metaphor for financial fitness. And it works. Follow Feitelberg's regime and enhance your net worth."
-- Steve H. Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

"The Net Worth Workout is a quick-and-easy program that is sure to improve your family's finances. Sue Feitelberg makes getting in financial shape fun, easy, and accessible."
-- Jennifer Openshaw, CEO, Openshaw's Family Financial Network; host, ABC Radio's Winning Advice with Jennifer Openshaw

"I loved this book. Just as a good training program can turn a recreational athlete into an Ironman triathlete, The Net Worth Workout can show a financial neophyte how to become financially fit for life."
-- Karen Smyers, Hawaiian Ironman World Champion, 3-time ITU World Triathlon Champion, and 7-time Triathlon USA National Champion

Maria Ferrara Pema

- About the Book

Anatomy of A Life Possessed
Published by Winner Episode Press
ISBN 0-9719221-5-2, 343 pages, softcover, $19.95

"You won't take this into account. If you had written it instead of me, I probably wouldn't believe it." So begins this amazing tale of a woman victimized by peculiar forces. It reads like a work of fiction, but it is true.

The author describes a privileged childhood in an aristocratic family with links to Genghis Khan, Tibet, Russian czars, and Rasputin as part of her incredible story, which includes growing up under three oppressive regimes: Nazism, Communism, and her monarchical, dictatorial mother.

Ms. Pema recounts her early life in the ballet world, followed by her years as an actress during Rome's golden age of cinema, working for directors Federico Fellini, Vittorio De Sica, and Marco Ferreri, where she met and married prominent entertainment attorney Max Ferrara.

Anatomy of A Life Possessed makes a sudden turn from the glamour of the Via Veneto onto a backroads Highway to Hell. It reveals a harrowing telepathic possession with physical and emotional consequences. A mad monk, sexual torment, exorcism, and never-ending harassment devastate the author's life. She describes her excruciating experience of possession and her research conducted in an effort to regain control.

Anatomy of A Life Possessed is a fascinating and controversial book which challenges traditional beliefs. Pema's personal memoir will be of value to people of any age who are ready to find and face the truth. It may help you to:

  • Protect yourself from negative energy and subjugating ideologies


  • Understand the dangers of a faith that relies on fear and submission


  • Discover how to turn obstacles, fear, and self-doubt into helpful knowledge


  • Recognize that the generosity, genius, and greatness of humanity are the only virtues that can help us create our own happiness.

For an absolutely gripping, unstoppable reading experience, take a journey into the abyss and back with Anatomy of A Life Possessed.

Anatomy of a Life Possessed is available through your favorite bookseller or directly from Book Clearing House, http://www.book-clearing-house.com, or call 1-800-431-1579 or visit our web site at: http://www.onlyonetruth.com



Copyright ©2002 by Maria Ferrara Pema. All rights reserved. Please feel free to duplicate or distribute this file as long as the contents are not changed and this copyright notice is intact. Thank you.

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