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Julie Firman & Dorothy Firman

- About the Book


by Julie Firman and Dorothy Firman
Published by Health Communications, Inc.

Empowering and nurturing or destructive and dispiriting, the mother/daughter relationship is life's most profound bond. Whether your relationship is fortified with love and encouragement or weakened by hurt and shame, this book will change your life for the better.

Mother-and-daughter therapists Dorothy and Julie Firman have taught thousands of women how to bring new trust, healing and energy to their mother/daughter relationship. Now they bring their popular relationship program to you in this practical guide. Through thought-provoking exercises and poignant personal stories, you will talk more honestly about your feelings; find a new appreciation of your strengths; move beyond negative patterns; and create a mutually beneficial relationship based on friendship, respect, trust and genuine caring.

As a daughter you'll learn how to:

  • Stop blaming your mother and become the architect of your own life
  • Recognize and harness your authentic power and personal strengths
  • Identify and abolish negative habits from childhood
  • Appreciate your mother's unique life experience
As a mother you'll learn how to:
  • Stop feeling guilty for what you did wrong
  • Appreciate your daughter's uniqueness instead of judging her
  • Support your daughter without stifling her
  • Renew your dreams and goals outside of your role as a mother

This is a book for women of all ages, one that is never too late — or too early — to read!

"This book is the absolute best! Nothing is to be cherished more than a good mother/daughter relationship, and no book is more likely to restore health, hope, happiness and emotional energy to that relationship than this book. It's a must-read."
- Mira Kirshenbaum, author,
The Emotional Energy Factor and Parent/Teen Breakthrough: The Relationship Approach

"[This book] has transformed my relationship with my mother from one of duty and obligation to a source of learning and joy for both of us."
- Marilyn Harris Kriegel, coauthor,
The C-Zone: Peak Performance Under Pressure

Copyright (c) 2003 by Julie Firman and Dorothy Firman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to duplicate or distribute this file, as long as the contents are not changed and this copyright notice is intact.

Tel Franklin, MD

- About the Book

A Workbook for Your Healing Journey
Using Appreciative Dialogue

By Tel Franklin, M.D.
Published by The Center for Appreciative Medicine

Healthcare in the U.S. is changing. Tens of millions of North Americans use alternative healthcare each year. But the "alternative" infrastructure and the way healthcare is delivered in the U.S. isn't alternative at all. It uses new modalities with the same old infrastructure and methods: top-down, and doctor/expert to passive patient.

Keenly aware of this dilemma, Tel Franklin, M.D., developed a revolutionary "patient-centered" approach to personal health that utilizes a process called Appreciative Dialogue to transform a person's relationship with his own health. Appreciative Dialogue empowers patients to envision optimal health and then to coordinate treatment and healthcare options with physicians and other health practitioners in a clearly understood, integrated way.

EXPECT A MIRACLE helps to shift thinking from the traditional disease/diagnosis/treatment model to a more positive, generative, and proactive optimal health paradigm. The workbook leads the reader through inventory- ing and recording the varied elements that contribute to a personal experience of health. Sections deal with self- awareness and spiritual aspects, and encourage reflection on one's experience of a range of nurturing modalities including:

  • Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture
  • Ayurveda
  • Chiropractic
  • Exercise
  • Herbs/Botanicals
  • Hypnosis
  • Massage
  • Naturopathy
  • Yoga

The reader is led easily and logically to devising an optimal health plan that comprises appropriate treatments and remedies. Illuminating anecdotes and an attractive layout make this a unique workbook that anyone desiring more control over their own health will much appreciate.

The book is designed much like the alternative medical paradigm it describes: the cover is soft and soothing, inviting to the touch, rewarding frequent use and reflection. The typography is graceful and elegant, with supportive aphorisms providing reinforcement on each page. Most of all, the book is designed to be written in -- a collaboration between author and reader -- just as Appreciative Medicine is a collaboration between practitioner and patient.

EXPECT A MIRACLE is distributed to the book trade by Celestial Arts, a division of Ten Speed Press. For more information about bookstore orders, bulk orders, or rights, please contact 1-800-841-2665. Or visit the Celestial Arts web site for trade accounts: http://www.celestialarts.com/resources/retailers.php3

Copyright ©2004 by Tel Franklin, M.D. All Rights Reserved. Please feel free to duplicate or distribute this file as long as the excerpt is not altered and this copyright notice is intact. Thank you.

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