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J. Richard Gentry

- About the Book

Understanding and Assisting
Your Child's Literary Development

by J. Richard Gentry
Published by Heinemann

Spelling impacts virtually every aspect of reading and writing and is the key to unlocking literacy. But spelling can be confusing for parents who want to help their children. When is the right time to correct misspelled words? How can parents help their child move to the next level of development? What are the important underlying concepts to reinforce? Are there any resources you can recommend to assist them?

In "My Kid Can't Spell!," spelling expert J. Richard Gentry offers timely and practical solutions to many of the problems facing parents of students (K-8). This readable and accessible handbook is packed with easy-to-use tools, guidelines, and strategies, including:

  • developmental guideposts to track children's literacy
  • tips for helping children progress through early spelling stages
  • a test to determine a child's spelling level
  • strategies to help children visualize words
  • ways to identify poor spelling instruction at school
  • ways to recognize if a child has a spelling disability

There's no better book to recommend for parents who want to play an active role in their children's spelling education.

Copyright © 1997 by J. Richard Gentry and Heinemann Publishing. Please do not duplicate or distribute this file without permission from the publisher. For permission to reprint this material or for more information contact: Heather L. Smith, Heinemann, 603-431-7894 x. 140, mailto:

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Peter Gloor and Scott Cooper

- About the Book

COOLHUNTING: Chasing Down the Next Big Thing
By Peter A. Gloor and Scott M. Cooper
Published by AMACOM Books
ISBN 0814473865, May 2007, hardcover, 236 pages, $24.95
Available through Amazon or directly from the publisher

Be cool by staying on the cutting edge of what's hot.

What is cool? It's one of today's most pervasive and elusive questions. No matter who we are, we all have an innate desire to be cool, cultivate cool, and find cool. Whether it's the next hot band, this season's hip new TV show, or the trendy new club that's attracting all the right people, everyone wants to tap into the power of the latest trends in fashion, music, politics, and entertainment.

The enormous popularity of social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Friendster are further testament to our collective need to stay on the cutting edge of what's hot. Now, in COOLHUNTING, you will discover the practical tools you need to find the hottest trends -- and the people who set them.

The art of coolhunting involves zeroing in on the fresh idea that will be the genesis of a hot new trend. It also involves finding the people responsible for the idea -- the trendsetters who will cause others to jump on board. By recognizing who the trendsetters are, you can actually anticipate the next big trend before it takes off -- because cool ideas will grow and expand around these people.

Authors Peter Gloor and Scott Cooper have done extensive research into the fascinating world of coolhunting and its many applications. Now, they explain what coolhunting is, how it originated, and how to explore the power of cool for yourself. They explore the many varied -- and often surprising -- ways that companies like Apple, Continental Airlines, Starbucks, Procter & Gamble, and Google have been using coolhunting to their advantage in areas such as product development, marketing, and customer relations.

Filled with real-world practical advice on how to coolhunt, this innovative guide offers the latest techniques, specialized software, and Internet technology to enable you to home in on your targets with unerring accuracy. Prospective coolhunters will learn how to:

    • Emulate the great coolhunters, from venture capitalist John Doerr to founding father Ben Franklin.

  • Discover new trends by tracking message board discussions and blogs.
  • Find and recruit the latest trendsetters among sources like Wikinews.
  • Master the five steps to becoming a "coolfarmer" -- getting involved in the actual creation of new trends by nurturing your own ideas.

A new kind of hip guide for the 21st century, COOLHUNTING is a revolutionary book that redefines the way we think about the power of cool.

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Gregory J.P. Godek

- About the Book

LOVE -- The Course They Forgot To Teach You In School
by Gregory J.P. Godek
published by Casablanca Press
a division of Sourcebooks, Inc.

Ever wonder why you studied all that geography, calculus, and chemistry when the skills you need most in life have more to do with chemistry of a different kind? Let's face it: school prepares us for the world of work; no one prepares us for the world of love. And yet for most of us, it is our close personal relationships that have the greatest impact on whether or not we are happy and fulfilled in life.

Most of us have figured out basic relationship skills (after some groping in the dark), but we don't see the same need for "continuing education" as we do in our careers. That's where Gregory J.P. Godek comes in. A relationship instructor for nearly 20 years, author of the phenomenal best-seller "1001 Ways to Be Romantic," Godek is the dean of student affairs in the school of life. "LOVE -- The Course They Forgot To Teach You In School" is his textbook. And, yes, it's required reading.

This book is intended for couples who have a working relationship they want to make better. It won't help you salvage a disastrous match, nor will it transform a lukewarm romance into burning passion overnight. Rather, it will help you raise your relationship grade by one full level if you make any kind of serious attempt at doing the exercises in the book.


Copyright ©1997 by Gregory J.P. Godek. All rights reserved. You may print and duplicate this file for your *own* use and that of your partner, but please do not distribute this file to others without permission from the publisher.

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Barbara F. Graham

- About the Book

by Barbara F. Graham

Barbara F. Graham goes for the jugular with a compelling, true-to-life exposure of America's corrupt family-law system and how it is draining the nation. Make your own journey from Security to Serenity as "Ursula Charbonnier" triumphs over substance abuse in the family, rapacious divorce attorneys, and court-induced homelessness.


"Barbara F. Graham's nonfiction novel exposes the lawyers, judges, and many professionals as paid enablers, tied into the drug and alcohol abuser's denial. While dad is getting
high and living high, Ursula Charbonnier and her children struggle to survive, facing bankruptcy and homelessness. It is incumbent upon all concerned citizens to understand that the current system is abuser-friendly, rather than family- friendly."
- Monica Getz, Founder National Coalition for Family Justice, Inc.

"Chemical Dependency --- addiction to alcohol or other mood- altering drugs --- is widely-known as 'The Family Disease.' Barbara F. Graham has described it well in all its horror and deceit."
- Donald F. Cutler, Founder Freedom from Chemical Dependency Foundation, Inc.

"Brava! Someone finally had the guts to tell it like it is!!!"
- Marie Defina, Founder and Executive Director Domestic Violence Training & Resource Institute, Inc.


"SNOW JOB was my first pleasure in the venture of recapturing my life."
- Shirley L. Brulotte, Manchester, New Hampshire

"This is the best $20 I've spent in years!" - Marina V. Baker, Toledo, Ohio

"Not whiny . . . SNOW JOB clearly shows how The System can be just as nutty and 'malpractical' toward men as women."
- Nelson Page, Austin, Texas

"A masterpiece!" - Charlotte Fink, Las Vegas, Nevada

"We sold more than $1,000-worth in two hours!"
- Nancy Decaneas, Co-Owner Dragon Books, Weston Center, Massachusetts

Copyright ©1995 by Barbara F. Graham. All rights reserved. Please do not duplicate or distribute this material without consent from Barbara F. Graham and Hang On To Your Hat! Press. Thank you.

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Marilyn Graman & Maureen Walsh

- About the Book

The Female Power Within

by Marilyn Graman and Maureen Walsh
with Hillary Welles
Published by Life Works Books

Discover the Extraordinary Power in Being Female!

Many women have achieved goals, personally and professionally, that our mothers and grandmothers could only dream of. We head corporations, compete in marathons, hold elected office, lead expeditions, write prize-winning novels, run universities, and in some cases raise children as well. We're so busy, in fact, that we often don't even have time to ask ourselves, "Is this what I want to be doing? Am I happy in my life? Is this it?"

In this rich and reassuring book, psychotherapist and creator of Life Works programs Marilyn Graman and her longtime associate Maureen Walsh give you the opportunity to ask these questions at last. You'll look at the cost of striving for power and success on male terms and discover what a truly successful life would be for you if you could define it for yourself. In short, you will discover the incredible power of being female.

Dozens of original "uncoverings" and reflective questions will help you see how you've been measuring yourself by "scorecards" that don't make sense for you and to get so clear and grounded in mind and body that the life you want just begins to flow toward you. The adrenaline rush of struggling and competing and never feeling centered and peaceful will simply lose its appeal as you open up to the magnificent power you already have within you.

As you begin to relax into your female power, you will be amazed at how much energy you liberate for making wise choices, receiving all the good there is to be had, drawing wonderful people toward you, and just plain having fun!

"The Female Power Within is a groundbreaking exploration of the nature of women's power."
-- Arianna Huffington, syndicated columnist and author

"An exciting and meaningful contribution to the worldwide shift occurring in women today. If you're serious about self-discovery, read this book!"
-- Beth Greer, President, The Learning Annex

"The Female Power Within is a beautifully written guidebook to help you tap into the inner reservoir of peace and joy that is your true nature."
-- Sri Swami Satchidananda, Integral Yoga Institutes

Copyright ©2002 by Marilyn Graman and Maureen Walsh. All Rights Reserved. Please feel free to duplicate and distribute this file as long as the excerpt has not been changed and this copyright notice is intact. Thank you.

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