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Marilyn Graman & Maureen Walsh

- About the Book

A Guide to Having the Love You Desire

by Marilyn Graman and Maureen Walsh
with Hillary Wells
Published by Life Works Books

How to Be Cherished is the third book by authors Marilyn Graman and Maureen Walsh, co-founders of Life Works, a Greenwich Village firm that helps women create fulfilling lives, including finding the men of their dreams and keeping the love alive through the challenges of cohabitation. How to Be Cherished is based on a seminar of the same name taught at Life Works.

After the bloom is off the romance, many women live their lives between a rock (an island of loneliness) and a hard place (their man). Life Works is often their last step before heading out the door -- through separation, divorce, or an affair. Yet Life Works has not only saved marriages -- they've shown women how to be cherished by their men, how to be desired as though the relationship were a new bud ripe with promise.

For many women, the heart has become a closed room, shut off in self-defense. Chapter by chapter, Graman and Walsh show readers how to open that door again -- ten degrees at first, then wider and wider -- until there is enough room to hold the man you have -- the whole man, his good parts and his bad parts. When that happens, most men respond in kind, opening their hearts to you, treating you with tenderness and affection, anticipating your needs and keeping their promises.

In short, the answer to having the love you desire is not in this book -- or any book -- or any other man; it's in yourself, in your heart, which waits to be warmed and wakened. How to Be Cherished shows you how to access the love you want. Some of the secrets revealed in this practical guidebook and illustrated with the stories of real women overcoming the obstacles to lasting love are:

  • Knowing your power. Like it or not, women control the relationship. It is within your power to change the direction things are going. Knowing you are powerful gives you confidence. And confidence is sexy. It's your responsibility to build the relationship you want, and it's within your power to do so.


  • Owing your part. The most difficult words in the English language are, "I'm sorry." But you have to say them. Forgive yourself first. Then forgive your man -- or forget him. Which would you rather hold onto at night: your anger or your man?


  • Put yourself in your man's shoes. Put yourself in his heart. When he tries to give you what you want, do you criticize his fumbling efforts, or gently steer him in the right direction? If you feel unappreciated, chances are he does, too. The minute you start to appreciate him, he'll reciprocate like ringing a bell.


  • Learn from your man. He is simpler than you are, more lighthearted and less contemplative, more straightforward and less curvaceous, more impulsive and less thoughtful. There are things he can teach you about living in the present instead of dwelling on the past.

Intended for women in all stages of relationship, How to Be Cherished offers a new model for relationships by recognizing women's intrinsic power and revealing the deep desire men have to please their partners.


Copyright ©2004 by Marilyn Graman and Maureen Walsh. All rights reserved. Please feel free to duplicate or distribute this file, as long as the content is not changed and this copyright notice is intact. Thank you.

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Terrell Guillory

- About the Book

A Novel by Terrell Guillory
Published by Pleasure Boat Studio: A Literary Press

"Dating from WW1 to his painful demise in the late 1940s, this book chronicles the life of rural Louisianan Dr. Schilling in elegant, mesmerizing prose. More than just another good read, this poignant, poetic novel is recommended for all libraries."
- Library Journal

"A brilliant work with the scent of Gulf salt air in its pages -- innovative, imaginative, eclectic, poetic, unpredictable, sometimes reminiscent of Faulkner, sometimes of Eudora Welty and Flannery O'Connor, Richard Ford, James Lee Burke, but always in Guillory's freshly unique voice. This may be the new face of fiction."
- Jack Olsen, Edgar Award-winning author of I: The Creation of a Serial Killer

"Guillory's style and narrative strategies, rich in imagery, cascading in detail and resorting at times to stream-of-consciousness passages, recall the work of William Faulkner and James Joyce. Like them, but in his own way, Guillory poses the timeless speculations of thinking and feeling human beings in a mysterious universe."
- Sy M. Kahn, author of Between Tedium and Terror

"Terrell Guillory's Schilling is suffused with the lushness of both its Faulknerian language -- what a pleasure to see that great American literary tradition of narrative reinvigorated! -- and its humid Gulf coast settings where we watch in intimate detail the brief flourishing and slow decay of some lives, the fernlike unfurling of another."
- Alvin Greenberg, author of Time Lapse

"Terrell Guillory's instinctive command of Southern cadence and language bring to life a deeper way of knowing the world through the life of one good doctor. It recalls Faulkner, and even Joyce."
- Scott Wilson, Publisher, Port Townsend Leader

"In the finest tradition of Western letters, Dr. Schilling joins Achilles, Aneas, Percival, Hamlet and Joyce's Leopold Bloom in the futile struggle with the paradoxes of human existence."
- Wes Cecil


Copyright ©2003 by Terrell Guillory. All Rights Reserved. Please feel free to duplicate and distribute this file, as long as the excerpt is not altered and this copyright notice is intact. Thank you.

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