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Gen LaGreca

- About the Book

by Gen LaGreca

In a chilling medical suspense novel, author Gen LaGreca creates two powerful characters -- Nicole Hudson, the lovely ballerina who rose to stardom from a deprived childhood only to have her life shattered by a tragic accident, and Dr. David Lang, the impassioned neurosurgeon who is determined to restore her health no matter what price he must pay.

The trouble is that Lang's revolutionary treatment -- a way of regrowing injured nerve tissue to cure paralysis and other neurological disorders -- is rejected by New York's state-run health system, CareFree, a bureaucracy bogged down in budget overruns, red tape, and political corruption.

On one level, Noble Vision is a tightly plotted, beautifully written story, with intense conflicts and startling twists -- pure entertainment. On another level, it is a duel of conflicting ideologies, a struggle between private care and socialized medicine. If the current health care system has ever left you feeling frustrated, helpless, and afraid, this book will tell you why.


"The defects of government-controlled medicine are dramatized effectively in this page-turning story of the love of a brilliant physician for a beautiful ballerina who becomes his patient."
-- Milton Friedman, economist and Nobel laureate

"A gripping story from beginning to end, superimposed on the realities of today's threats to quality medical care."
-- Edward Annis, MD, author of Code Blue,
Past President of the American Medical Association

"Salutary tale of what can happen to medical breakthroughs if Big Government claws even deeper into our health care system!"
-- Steve Forbes, President and CEO, Forbes magazine

"Noble Vision resembles an Ayn Rand novel -- only in color rather than in stark black and white. It captivated me from beginning to end. Its grim vision of the near future -- or is it the present? -- of medicine is all too accurate."
-- Jane M. Orient, MD, author of Your Doctor Is Not In,
Exec. Director, Assoc. of American Physicians & Surgeons

"Genevieve LaGreca has given us an intriguing novel about how unintended consequences of good intentions can have a devastating impact on the healing professions."
-- Walter E. Williams, professor, George Mason University

"Noble Vision is a wonderful literary achievement. An extraordinary hero, a tender love story, a fascinating medical discovery, and an intense family conflict are dramatically interwoven in a plot that surprises and delights."
-- Edith Packer, JD, PhD, psychologist


Copyright (c) 2005 by Genevieve LaGreca. All Rights Reserved. Please feel free to duplicate and distribute this file, as long as the excerpt is not altered and this copyright notice is intact. Thank you.

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Andrew Larson, MD & Ivy Ingram Larson

- About the Book

The 5-Week Health and Body Makeover.
A Lifestyle Plan to Shed Pounds,
Gain Health and Reverse 10 Diseases

by Andrew Larson, M.D., and Ivy Ingram Larson
Published by Health Communications, Inc.
ISBN 0-7573-0235-1, 378 pages, hardcover with DVD, $21.95
Available through this site or directly from:

Finally, the diet that slims and tones and also heals the immune system and prevents degenerative diseases!

It's rare that a diet book comes along that matters. Not one that just helps you fit into your jeans but also changes your life. The Gold Coast Cure is that kind of diet. It will slim your waistline and keep you healthy. And if you're not healthy now, it can reverse your symptoms.

That's what it did for Ivy Larson, whose multiple sclerosis left her wearing a catheter and unable to walk up a flight of stairs. Undeterred, she and her husband, Dr. Andrew Larson, devised an anti-inflammatory whole foods diet and exercise plan to heal her. It worked. Today, her MS is in remission and she has the extra energy to keep up with their healthy toddler.

The Cure is changing lives. Let it tone your body, improve your appearance and prevent or reverse the following:

  • obesity
  • heart artery disease
  • type II diabetes
  • multiple sclerosis
  • asthma
  • allergies
  • osteoarthritis
  • fibromyalgia
  • osteoporosis
  • vascular dementia
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol

The book also includes a bonus DVD featuring The Cure resistant-training workout. The workout can be completed in 10-minute, 15-minute or 30-minute intervals.

Also includes:

  • Over 75 Recipes
  • A Complete Pantry Makeover
  • A Brand-Name Shopping Guide
  • A Daily Vitamin Planner

This extraordinary plan is: Family Friendly and Safe for Kids; Doesn't Require Calorie Counting or Complicated Phases; Allows You to Enjoy Coffee, a Sweet Treat and a Glass of Wine a Day.

Discover The Gold Coast Cure and transform you body in just 5 weeks!


"In this eminently sensible and useful book, Dr. Andrew Larson and exercise specialist Ivy Larson offer sound guidance for lasting health benefits."
-- David L. Katz, M.D., MPH, FACPM, FACP, Director of Medical Studies in Public Health, Yale University, author of The Way to Eat

"Finally, a diet book that I would recommend to friends, family and clients. Dr. Larson and his wife, Ivy, are careful to separate scientific fact from scientific opinion."
-- Lona Sandon, M.E.d., R.D., Assistant Professor of Clinical Nutrition, UT Southwestern Medical Center; spokesperson, The American Dietetic Association

"The Gold Coast Cure is about transformation.... This book will indeed transform the paradigm of illness and health for many, opening new doors to allow health to flourish."
-- David Perlmutter, M.D., FACN. author of The Better Brain Book

"I applaud Andy and Ivy for reaching out to everyone in need of lifestyle change, but mainly to those battling chronic diseases who are searching for help and hope."
-- Jack Nickalaus, golf legend

"...it may be the enticing recipes included here that convince readers to try The Gold Coast Cure.... the Larsons' formula, which emphasizes essential fatty acids, nutrient-rich carbohydrates and circuit resistance training, includes so many easily implemented tools, there may be no excuse not to try it."
-- Publishers Weekly



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Steve LeVine

- About the Book

The Oil and the Glory:
The Pursuit of Empire and Fortune
on the Caspian Sea

by Steve LeVine
Published by Random House
(ISBN 0375506144, 496 pages, 16 pages of photos, hard cover, $27.95)
Available through this site or directly from the publisher:

When the Soviet Union crumbled, oil in the Caspian region -- a remote, rather barbaric, highly romanticized region -- was accessible to the west for the first time in history. The race was on, as Big Oil and all manner of adventurers, dealmakers, and political operatives traveled to one of the most corrupt and dangerous neighborhoods on earth to embark on a new Great Game with massive geopolitical and strategic implications. Fortune hunters sought fortunes, oil companies built an unprecedented, dystopian oil city on the surface of the Caspian Sea, and the American government pushed for the longest pipeline ever built -- one that would lead to a major geopolitical victory over Russia and Iran.

The Wall Street Journal's Steve LeVine takes us from the pipeline builders and oil extractors battling the elements in a primitive land, to the boardrooms of Chevron and BP, to meetings between corrupt officials and U.S. dealmakers on the make, providing a window into the high-stakes, transcontinental maneuvering that occurs when Big Oil, geopolitics, and massive corruption overlap.

Praise for The Oil and the Glory:

"The deft political portrait of this strategic, volatile area makes the book essential reading, but it's LeVine's fine writing that makes it a pleasure."
-- Portfolio Magazine

"A complex story rendered comprehensible, with much drama and intrigue."
-- Kirkus Reviews

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Edward E. Loewe, Phd

About the Book

The Clash of Evolution, Human Conditioning,
and Culture in America

Written by Edward E. Loewe, PhD
Published by Booklocker.com
ISBN 1591139058, 412 pages, paperback $18.95, ebook $5.95

Minds in Distress deals with the new mental-emotional struggles and neuroses befalling tens of millions of people, and how much of this instability is being stimulated by the culture we live in, rather than through innate flaws to be found in people.

Part 1 first leads the reader into an understanding of his evolved mind, the limitations his contemporary brain places upon his life, and the sorts of difficulties the human mind encounters in its sometimes hapless efforts to adjust to the rapid rate of change which befalls humans today. It goes on to discuss the bases for the absolute uniqueness of every person, and the great importance this brings to the need for each individual to fully understand himself. Recommendations are made for assessing mental-emotional well-being differently than now occurs through the potentially haphazard methods mental health professionals use to identify mental-emotional illness today. The person is encouraged to develop his own, independent view of the status of his mental well-being.

Part 2 deals with the co-effects of ancient instinctual drives and modern conditioned behaviors in shaping the human experience today, and how these forces are combining with the culture to produce mental distress and illness. A spotlight is placed upon difficulties occurring in the realms of human perception, romance and marriage, an increasing flood of opposing desires in people, the growing tendency for individuals to allow their life to be guided by outside influences -- especially those of American capitalism, the loss of life satisfaction which results from the anxious pursuit of consumption, the epidemic of anger which has resulted from human confusion, and the neurotic obsession with self-promotion and personal specialness which has spread across the country. These chapters point to time-worn avenues for life satisfaction, and how these are becoming obstructed by severe stresses generated through modern lifestyles that do not serve the true needs of humans.

Part 3 first considers the overall status of Americans' mental health, then reveals the often problematic nature of the American mental health system to which people rush for solutions for their distress. After this, recommendations are made concerning the types of emotional distress people should be encouraged to deal with on their own behalf. Step-by-step, easy to follow approaches for gaining insight for, and dealing with, one's personal difficulties are outlined. These strategies are intended to take into account each person's unique nature, and to lead him in the direction of regaining life satisfaction through achieving new control over his existence, while removing deadly overstress.

The book's final chapter contains a brief analysis of, and potential prediction about, the future of the American society. It gives further emphasis to the fact that each person will do well to address the meaning and experience of the life he truly wants, and to consider that to some degree this may have to be achieved through detachment from the society that today gives direction to his existence.

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