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Steve LeVine

- About the Book

The Oil and the Glory:
The Pursuit of Empire and Fortune
on the Caspian Sea

by Steve LeVine
Published by Random House
(ISBN 0375506144, 496 pages, 16 pages of photos, hard cover, $27.95)
Available through this site or directly from the publisher:

When the Soviet Union crumbled, oil in the Caspian region -- a remote, rather barbaric, highly romanticized region -- was accessible to the west for the first time in history. The race was on, as Big Oil and all manner of adventurers, dealmakers, and political operatives traveled to one of the most corrupt and dangerous neighborhoods on earth to embark on a new Great Game with massive geopolitical and strategic implications. Fortune hunters sought fortunes, oil companies built an unprecedented, dystopian oil city on the surface of the Caspian Sea, and the American government pushed for the longest pipeline ever built -- one that would lead to a major geopolitical victory over Russia and Iran.

The Wall Street Journal's Steve LeVine takes us from the pipeline builders and oil extractors battling the elements in a primitive land, to the boardrooms of Chevron and BP, to meetings between corrupt officials and U.S. dealmakers on the make, providing a window into the high-stakes, transcontinental maneuvering that occurs when Big Oil, geopolitics, and massive corruption overlap.

Praise for The Oil and the Glory:

"The deft political portrait of this strategic, volatile area makes the book essential reading, but it's LeVine's fine writing that makes it a pleasure."
-- Portfolio Magazine

"A complex story rendered comprehensible, with much drama and intrigue."
-- Kirkus Reviews

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