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James Moore & Wayne Slate

- About the Book

How Bush's Brain Fooled America

by James Moore & Wayne Slater
Published by WILEY
ISBN 0-471-78708-6, 6" x 9", 225 pages, paperback, $12.95
Available through this site or directly from the publisher:

Who is Karl Rove and how did he acquire so much political power? What motivates someone to use one of the most powerful offices in the country to intimidate political enemies and possibly leak the name of CIA operative Valerie Plame?

This fascinating book pieces together the puzzle of Rove's extraordinary political life through personal interviews with Rove himself as well as revealing stories from friends and foes alike. James Moore and Wayne Slater take you on a fast-paced ride that uncovers both the masterful skills and secret machinations of the President's chief political strategist.

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A.S. Mott

- About the Book

Strange Stories Behind Modern Myths

by A.S. Mott
Published by Ghost House Books,
an imprint of Lone Pine Publishing

In this new collection, A.S. Mott explores the true stories behind many classic urban legends, showing how strange coincidences and popular misconceptions about fast food, celebrities and science and can become accepted wisdom in our increasingly paranoid society.

URBAN LEGENDS is the latest missive from Ghost House Books, an imprint of Lone Pine Publishing devoted to the strange, the unusual, the bizarre, and the downright scary. For each of the 48 tall tales, storyteller and film buff A.S. Mott attempts to track the legend to its source and determine whether or not it is based on fact. Along the way, he comments on the variations of each legend, how the legend has migrated into popular culture, and what lessons each legend may contain.

URBAN LEGENDS are today's modern myths. Each legend says something about us because they exploit our fears, express our prejudices, and are used not only to entertain but to teach lessons, advance political agendas, or even boost business. For example, many of the legends in this book demonstrate a fear of foreigners and have been used to discredit foreign-made products such as food and cars.

Some of the fascinating and frightening legends included in this book:

  • A fastidious woman complains when her chicken burger comes up with mayo, only to discover that the mystery substance isn't mayonnaise...


  • Eager for a photo op, witless parents encourage their child to approach an innocent-looking bear with a jar of honey...


  • A bride, obsessed with looking good for her wedding, cooks her insides by dieting and tanning to extremes...


  • Japanese fishermen are shocked beyond words when a dairy cow plummets from the sky and crashes though their boat, sinking her...


  • A cheapskate bargain-hunter gets her comeuppance by way of a lethal snake in the sleeve of a discounted blouse...


  • After a baffled California man is sent an incorrect vanity license plate, police write him nearly 2500 traffic tickets...


  • And much more!

URBAN LEGENDS will keep you and your friends spellbound for hours. Like all Ghost House Books, the stories make for entertaining parties or gatherings around the campfire. The book will help you learn the patterns of true or false legends, so you can easily spot a fake or test your friends' knowledge of modern folklore.


Copyright ©2004 by Ghost House Books. All Rights Reserved. Please feel free to duplicate and distribute this file, as long as the excerpt is not altered and this copyright notice is intact. Thank you.

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