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Bruce Northam

- About the Book

Globetrotter Dogma:
100 Canons for Escaping the Rat Race
and Exploring the World

by Bruce Northam

In Globetrotter Dogma, travel writer Bruce Northam entertains, educates, and motivates readers to hit the road through an idiosyncratic mix of travel lore, humor, shock, story, and practical advice. Employing a rambling resume that touches two thirds of the planet, Northam shares wisdom from his far-flung adventures:

  • Drifting with Burma's nomadic sea gypsies
  • Walking the width of northern England with his Dad
  • Shepherding in Morocco
  • Pogo-sticking with Bulgarian gypsies
  • Rafting a raging Fijian river on a bamboo balance beam
  • Surviving urine attacks by Costa Rican monkeys
  • Piloting a Manhattan horse-drawn carriage
  • Hitchhiking across Ireland with his Mom
  • Solving the Malaysian marriage puzzle
  • Playing naked Frisbee with New Guinea natives

This passport-colored collection of travel koans is bound in a leatherette cover that beckons to be bent in a back pocket. Between harrowing tales of canine cuisine in China and machete mischief in Fiji, Northam shares practical tips for keeping your marbles while losing your bearings. This timeless, illustrated compendium of roving bliss provides 100 reasons to keep exploring our wild and ever-changing world.

Globetrotter Dogma is available wherever travel books are sold, online or at your neighborhood bookstore.

Copyright ©2002 by Bruce Northam. All rights reserved. Please feel free to duplicate or distribute this file as long as the contents are not changed and this copyright notice is intact. Thank you.

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