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Carol S. Pearson, Ph.D. & Hugh K. Marr, Ph.D.

About the Book

A Workbook and Guide to Interpreting Results from the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator

by Carol Pearson, Ph.D., and Hugh Marr, Ph.D.
Published by CAPT, Inc.
(ISBN 0-935652-78-7, 166 pages, oversize workbook, paperback, $24.95)
Available through this site or directly from the publisher: http://www.capt.org

Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Robert Bly, Jean Bolen, and others have made archetypes -- the stories, myths, themes, and symbols that unconsciously influence our lives -- a familiar concept. WHAT STORY ARE YOU LIVING? goes a step further, providing a measurement tool to uncover and harness the transformational power of archetypes. Using the scientifically validated Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator ® (two self-scorable copies included) WHAT STORY ARE YOU LIVING? will help you:

  • discover the archetypal patterns and themes unconsciously influencing your life,
  • replace unproductive life patterns by awakening unrealized potential,
  • discover hidden strengths, motivational triggers, and new career directions, and
  • improve personal and workplace relationships.


"WHAT STORY ARE YOU LIVING? shares the 'wisdom of the ages.' Carol Pearson and Hugh Marr's approach to archetypes has been invaluable in both my personal and professional life and will provide a well-structured way for others to use archetypes in their journeys to balance and wholeness."
-- Katherine D. Myers, Trustee, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Trust

"A beautifully conceived and important book that can help anyone navigate the dark seas of our less-than-fully-conscious waking lives. Archetypal patterns are revealed with delicate and brilliant clarity, along with wise counsel about how to live these dramas forward."
-- Jeremy Taylor, Founder and past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), Executive Director of the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work (MIPD)

"Important and creative. An easy method that makes archetypes accessible and meaningful to our daily lives, enabling us to understand the 'myths' we live by...and the stories that guide our lives."
-- Aryeh Maidenbaum, Director, New York Center for Jungian Studies

"Eminently usable. This important work provides access to the subtle archetypal influences that guide our future development and offers ways for understanding, integrating, and shifting one's archetypal alignments."
-- Michael Conforti, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst, author, and Founder and President of the Assisi Institute for the Study of Archetypal Pattern Analysis

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Dr. Gordon L. Patzer

About the Book

Why They Matter More Than You Ever Imagined

by Gordon L. Patzer, Ph.D.
Published by AMACOM Books
(ISBN 9780814480540, 288 pages, hard cover, $23.00)
Available through this site or directly from the publisher:

We all know one hard and undeniable truth: Physical beauty comes with tremendous power, and tremendous benefits. Those who possess it are generally luckier in love, more likely to be popular, and more apt to get better grades in school. But very few of us realize just how much looks affect every aspect of our lives. Recent studies document that people blessed with good looks earn about 10% more than their average-looking colleagues. They are also more likely to get hired and promoted at work. What exactly is this "physical attractiveness" phenomenon and how does it affect each and every one of us?

Dr. Gordon L. Patzer has devoted the last 30 years to investigating this unsettling phenomenon for both women and men, and how it touches every part of our lives. In LOOKS, he reveals not only its impact on romance, but also on family dynamics, performance in school, career, courtroom proceedings, politics and government. LOOKS is the first book to explore how the power of beauty affects both sexes and how the rise of reality TV shows, cosmetic surgery, and celebrity culture have contributed to our culture's overall obsession with being beautiful.

Unflinching and topical, LOOKS uncovers the sometimes ugly truth about beauty and its profound effects on all of our lives.

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William Pelfrey

About the Book

Billy, Alfred and General Motors The Story of Two Unique Men, a Legendary Company, and a Remarkable Time in American History

by William Pelfrey

One industry has had more impact on life in America than any other before or since. Here is the story of two men and one company at the start of it all.

You couldn't find two more different men. Billy Durant was the consummate salesman, a brilliant wheeler-dealer with grand plans, unflappable energy, and a fondness for the high life. Alfred Sloan was the intellectual, an expert in business strategy and management, master of all things organizational. Together, this odd couple built perhaps the most successful enterprise in U.S. history, General Motors, and with it an industry that has come to define modern life throughout the world. Their story is full of timeless lessons, cautionary tales, and inspiration for business leaders and history buffs alike.

BILLY, ALFRED, AND GENERAL MOTORS is the tale not just of the two extraordinary men of its title but also of the formative decades of twentieth-century America, through two world wars and sea changes in business, industry, politics, and culture. The book includes vivid, warts-and-all portraits of the legends of the golden age of the automobile, from "Crazy" Henry Ford, Ransom Olds, and Charles Nash to the brilliant but uncredited David Dunbar Buick and Cadillac founder Henry Leland.

The impact of Durant and Sloan on their contemporaries and their industry is matched only by the powerful legacy of their improbable and incredible partnership. Characters, events, and context -- all are brought skillfully and passionately to life in this meticulously researched and supremely readable book.


"This book is particularly timely, with the auto industry in a period of extreme turbulence that features a restructuring of General Motors, as well as other icons of times gone by. In a sense, we may be reliving in the 21st century the auto drama of the 20th century portrayed so well by Bill Pelfrey. The author's outstanding writing and research skills are evident throughout and make this one of the most important and fascinating books I've read in a very long time."
-- David E. Cole, Chairman,
Center for Automotive Research

"Every person who is interested in the building of the American automobile industry must read this book. Bill Pelfrey has done a great job researching the early years of Billy Durant and Alfred Sloan and the very different roles they played in the history of General Motors."
-- Jack Smith, retired Chairman and CEO,
General Motors Corporation

"Anyone interested in the current story of General Motors should read this engrossing description of the beginnings and early growth of this largest of all America's businesses. BILLY, ALFRED, AND GENERAL MOTORS is an important work on the history of the automobile industry."
-- John G. Smale,
retired Chairman and CEO, Procter and Gamble Company;
former Chairman, General Motors Corporation

"The challenges faced by Durant, Sloan, and others in the automotive industry 100 years ago are as relevant as ever today: managing through varying leadership styles; ensuring the ability to adapt to a changing business environment; maintaining cash flow during downturns. This book highlights both their successes and failures, and it should be read by managers everywhere."
-- Ira M. Millstein, Senior Partner,
Weil, Gotshal and Manges; Special Adviser to the
World Bank on Corporate Governance

"To understand where General Motors is going, you must first understand where it has been. The who and why of it all is beautifully described, anecdote by anecdote, by Pelfrey in this fascinating read. Magnificently researched."
-- Gerald C. Meyers, Professor of Management,
University of Michigan (Ross) Business School;
former Chairman and CEO, American Motors Corporation.

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Becky Phillips & Becky Estenssoro

- About the Book

A Comprehensive Collector's Guide

by Becky Phillips and Becky Estenssoro
Published by Dinomates, Inc.

Beanie Mania is sweeping the world! This book will help you catch Beanie Fever and join the many thousands of other people who collect the cutest toy ever made: Beanie Babies! What makes these toys so collectable? Besides being adored by children everywhere, Beanie Babies are prized by collectors because of the way they're marketed and made. Each year, Beanie Baby manufacturer Ty Incorporated "retires" a certain number of Beanie Baby models and introduces new ones. Ty also restricts the supply of Beanie Babies by selling them only through selected outlets.

The restricted supply of Beanie Babies, and the fact that many models are taken out of production, has created an exuberant secondary market for these cuddly collectibles. And that's not all -- manufacturing oddities and defects have added to the value of many Beanie Babies. Ty's never-ending quest to improve Beanie Babies has resulted in name changes, color changes, and design changes that all add value for collectors. Even the tags that come attached to Beanie Babies are extremely important to collectors. Since they first appeared in 1993, Beanie Babies have fueled a collecting craze that gets more sophisticated each year and shows no signs of slowing down.

That's why BEANIE MANIA is the essential guide for collectors and anyone else who just loves these little toys! The authors have a complete collection of Beanie Babies, which they lovingly document through gorgeous full-color photography in BEANIE MANIA. Page after glorious page documents the history of Beanie Babies, including color photos of prototypes, manufacturing abnormalities, subtle changes in coloring and style. Beanie Baby tags are also lovingly chronicled and displayed, along with Ty catalogs and other Beanieobilia. The book includes numerous checklists for collectors to use, along with current values and a one year price history for all retired Beanie Babies.

BEANIE MANIA is exactly what you would expect from a quality collector's guide: fanatical, detailed, accurate, lovingly devoted to every aspect of the Beanie Baby phenomenon. The book has become a collector's item itself, and is updated with each reprinting, assuring you will get the latest information about these remarkable toys, including:

  • A complete history and description, including professional
    color photographs, of every retired and redesigned Beanie
    Baby, and Beanie Baby prototypes.
  • Current values and a one year price history of all retired
    Beanie Babies.
  • Heart and tush tag chronology, photos and descriptions for
    all retired and current Beanie Babies.
  • Pages and pages of information packed charts, with Beanie
    Baby birth dates, retired dates and much more.
  • Beanie Baby trivia, such as Beanie Baby "mistakes,"
    (mistagged Beanies, tag misprints, manufacturing oddities,
  • Collector fill-in charts, so you can keep track of your own
  • A discussion of promotional events - McDonald's Teenie
    Beanie Babies and the Chicago Cubs Beanie Babies Opening Day.
    Includes descriptions and photographs of the Teenie Beanie
  • The authors' own Collectibility Ranking of each retired
    Beanie Baby.
  • Fully indexed for easy access to information.
  • And much, much more!


Copyright 1997 by Dinomates, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Please do not duplicate or distribute this file without permission from Dinomates, Inc. Reprint requests should be e-mailed to . Thank You!

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Peter Plantec

- About the Book

VIRTUAL HUMANS: A Build-It-Yourself Kit
by Peter Plantec

"Virtual Humans" may seem like something out of science fiction, but they are already here. Companies use them as website hosts, individuals use them as personal assistants, and people interact with them in computer games, educational applications, and many other arenas. The possibilities are limitless, but the most amazing thing is that anyone can create a "V-human" from scratch. Virtual Humans gives not just start-to-finish instructions for designing a charming synthetic person, but also a CD-ROM containing the tools and techniques to make it real. Readers will learn how to:

  • create their own authentic and engaging personalities
  • apply VH technology to business and individual projects
  • add synthetic voices and realistic faces to virtual humans
  • use personality psychology and humor in character design
  • design advanced emotion expression engines

This book-and-CD package is the first of its kind and a landmark on a par with the first build-your-own-Web-site products. Readers will be among the first to create ultra- realistic, versatile V-human personalities, and will start well ahead of what is soon to be a tidal wave of worldwide interest.


Copyright (c)2004 by Peter Plantec. All rights reserved. Printed here with permission of the publisher, AMACOM, http://www.amanet.org/books.

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