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Robert Scheinfeld

- About the Book

Seven Steps to Understanding and Managing
The Unseen Forces shaping Your Life

by Robert Scheinfeld

If you've ever wondered why self-help techniques don't work for you (such as meditation, self-talk, or even the seven habits of highly-effective people), you'll appreciate this book. After two decades designing and facilitating self-help programs, Scheinfeld wondered *why* so many people don't get the results they expect. The answer is in this book.

So are the answers to many other questions, like how to get through difficult times, how to bring good people into your life, how to build a career that matches your spirit. Scheinfeld finds his answers by looking beyond surface events to their underlying causes. He brings these concepts to life using simple language and modern metaphors such as the Internet and the movies. The end result is an elegant, practical process for directing our life experiences and steering ourselves along a personal path to success.

Scheinfeld's book, written months ago, describes a world in which we're all stars in movies of our own making. He uses the metaphor of a motion picture to describe a life process where we all get to write the script, but we don't always get to call the shots. He uses the Internet as a metaphor for an information network where producers send out casting calls.

Scheinfeld begins "The Invisible Path to Success" with a very unusual premise. A 23-year designer and facilitator of self- help programs, the author explains exactly why these programs don't work for most people and, even when they do work, why the benefits don't last. Most self-help courses, says Scheinfeld, leave people blaming themselves when they don't achieve the health, wealth, and romantic success promised.

Scheinfeld helps readers understand the unseen forces that shape our lives. He explains how we unconsciously attract problems into our lives, and how to handle the set-backs that inevitably come. Using modern metaphors like the Internet and
the movies, Scheinfeld describes a simple but elegant process for directing our life experiences and steering ourselves along a personal path to success.


Copyright ©1998 by Robert Scheinfeld, all rights reserved. Please request permission from the author or publisher before duplicating or distributing this file. Thank you.

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Rich Shapero

- About the Book

by Rich Shapero
Published by Too Far

How far would you go to find yourself? In Rich Shapero's provocative debut novel, a young man rejects a normal life to follow a wild, inner calling.

Sam Altman, disillusioned with the world of the 60s, has fallen deeply in love with the mysterious Lindy, a young woman who inspires him to seek the foundations of his heart. She understands his quest, and will do anything to help him realize it -- no matter how dangerous.

Sam's unleashed and increasingly unhinged imagination drives them north to the remote Alaskan wilderness. On the unforgiving ridges of Mt. Wrangell, alone with his wayward ideas, Sam, who has renamed himself Ransom, gradually transforms himself into a ram -- prey to a pack of strangely familiar wolves.

The mad pursuit leads from the wilds to civilization and back again. And when Ransom and Lindy return to brave the perilous mountain together, the truth behind his imagined transformation emerges. What they discover in those frozen heights threatens their love as well as their sanity and their lives.

More than an adrenaline-charged adventure, WILD ANIMUS is a search for the primordial and a journey to the breaking point. It is a story of love and sacrifice, of obsession, of finding the limits of the heart and going one step farther.

"Reading WILD ANIMUS is like climbing, skiing or intense adventuring. It puts you in the 'time is now' state."
-- Mike Libecki, World-Class Mountain Climber    Contributing Writer, Climbing Magazine

"WILD ANIMUS will stir your emotions and is a book you will not soon forget." -- Eric Brand, Extreme Mountaineer


Copyright ©2004 by Rich Shapero. All Rights Reserved.Please feel free to duplicate and distribute this file, as long as the contents are not changed and this copyright notice is intact. Thank you.

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Marsha Sinetar

- About the Book

The Mentor's Spirit
by Marsha Sinetar
Published by St. Martin's Press

At a time when our thirst for spiritual guidance has never been greater, Marsha Sinetar has located an oasis of hard-won wisdom that is as close as the neighbors next door. In The Mentor's Spirit, Marsha Sinetar shows readers a way to use our inborn "spiritual intelligence" to see the world and everything in it as a potential mentor--a life-affirming source of guidance and inspiration. True mentors are "artists of encouragement" who help us discover what is unique about our calling in life and help us pursue it. These spiritual guides are all around us, waiting to give generously: in children, in nature, in silence, in the lives of historical and contemporary leaders. Sinetar points the way to remain open to them and let them take us to a life enriched by challenges and cooperation.


Copyright ©1998 by Marsha Sinetar. All rights reserved. Please do not duplicate or distribute this material without consent from Marsha Sinetar and St. Martin's Press. Thank you.

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Gibbs Smith

- About the Book

by Gibbs Smith, Publisher

The Arts & Crafts bungalow has been reborn, in as rich and full an array of iterations as it was in its heyday -- from tight clusters of similar, inexpensive housing opportunities to the grand scale of the "ultimate bungalows" of the 1910s.

The New Bungalow is a celebration of contemporary interpretations of this classic art form. It offers attractive, environmentally-aware alternatives for today's housing. Founded on the principles of the original bungalow movement, this book is a guide to creating a home that has an honest expression of style. Given their simple lines, spacious and open floor plans, natural tones and colors, it is no mystery why new bungalows are gaining popularity for neighborhood developments as well as single-home design.

The New Bungalow, like the subject it covers, shows an appreciation for quality craft. Like a bungalow, the book uses open space in the layout and leading to invite the eye. It offers breathtaking views of dozens of homes, with photographs trimmed in gold frames, and period-perfect graphical ornamentation. From its Smythe-sewn binding to its uncluttered covers, the construction of this book echoes the movement it documents.

In addition to dozens of luscious photographs, The New Bungalow includes floor plans, designs, and an amazing resources chapter for those considering building, renovating, or restoring one of these classic homes. The photographs accompany essays by five leading champions of the new bungalow:

  • Matthew Bialecki, AIA, an architect and designer who specializes in nature-based buildings and furniture. His work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Period Homes, and other publications.
  • Christian Gladu Owner of The Bungalow Company, specializes in the design of new "old" homes. His philosophy and plans have been featured in Country Living, American Bungalow, Oregon Home, and on Home and Garden Television.


  • Jill Kessenich, Associate AIA, a partner in Ashmore/Kessenich Design, specializing in house designs inspired by the early 20th Century.


  • Jim McCord, AIA, an architect whose projects include the preservation and renovation of significant bungalow homes.


  • Su Bacon, an interior designer and co-owner of Historic Lighting, specializing in restoration of historic residences and businesses with period-appropriate lighting.

The New Bungalow can be found at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble Online, and at well-stocked bookstores and specialty retailers throughout the United States and Canada. For inquiries about bulk purchases or rights, please send e-mail to or visit our web site at http://www.gibbs-smith.com Thank you.

Copyright ©2002 by Gibbs Smith, Publisher. Excerpt copyright ©2001 by Jill Kessenich. Please feel free to duplicate or distribute this file as long as no changes are made and this copyright notice is attached. Thank you.

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Gina Smith

About the Book

How DNA Technology is Transforming
the Way We Live and Who We Are
by Gina Smith

In the history of mankind, few scientific phenomena have so profoundly changed the human experience as will the revolution in the use of DNA technology. Entertaining, informative, and written in plain English, The Genomics Age explores how recent leaps in the understanding of DNA offer astounding scientific promises -- and pose complex ethical issues.

The Genomics Age probes the fundamental questions borne of advances in applied DNA science: Can we finally conquer cancer -- once and for all? Will we ever bridge the ideological and political divides in the stem cell debate? Does the rush to develop anti-aging drugs mean we are on the verge of finding the fountain of youth? As we genetically eliminate disease and pick and choose the attributes of our children, will knowing the code of life change what it means to be human?

This groundbreaking work also discusses the rapidly expanding use of DNA technology to solve crimes, the business of genomics, and the implications for the economy and the investment community. As society grapples with the enormous challenge of a truly new frontier, we must all educate ourselves about the "what," even as we seek to answer the infinitely larger question of "why." The Genomics Age is the perfect place to begin.

"A superb general-audience exposition of a complex subject that is already transforming our lives and will do so even more dramatically in the near future. Gina Smith demonstrates that her established skills at writing and at communicating science are just as impressive in combination as we already knew they were separately."
-- Aubrey de Grey, biogerontologist,
University of Cambridge, England

" A reader with no background knowledge of genetics will find The Genomic Age a welcome primer -- providing disarmingly easy access to a complex array of issues in the unfolding saga of the human genetics revolution."
-- Troy Duster, author of Backdoor to Eugenics

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