Assistive Technologies

kid with glasses

The Staunton Media Lab is pursuing several assistive technology projects through grant applications and contests. We appreciate your support for these special projects.

SML Reading Glasses for the Blind

Smartglasses with an embedded camera that scans documents and reads text into the ear. Has potential to make every book in print accessible to the blind.

SML Hearing Glasses for the Deaf

Smartglasses with an embedded microphone that detects voices in the room and translates them into text on the screen. Hearing Glasses make radio, television and conversation accessible to the deaf.

SML Tutorials & Podcasts

Our flagship program -- SML Live! -- airs Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. Eastern US Time. We are looking for sponsors to love. SML provides online tutorials, workshops and training for the uniquely able. Visit the SML website, SoundCloud and YouTube channel for the very latest in assistive tech!

A Wish Goes A Long Way

Amazon logo 8We are a vocational program in the media arts for the deaf, blind and uniquely able. Please support our programs, and check out our Wish List at

How Can You Help?

Tell your friends about us. All our progress has come from someone telling someone else about Staunton Media Lab. Please connect with SML online and connect SML with the people you love.

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