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B.D. Blanchard

B.D. Blanchard

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About the Author B.D. Blanchard, known around these bayous as the Boocoo Man himself, is of Cajun/French Creole ancestry and spends much of his creative time, making up tales, writing and playing guitar or making instruments out of old logs, truck springs, wild gourds or whatever he can find to use that might make a crazy sound when plunked, whuzzzzed, banged or blown into. He likes to do all of this foolishness at his spiritual home out past the Honey Island swamps called Bluecamp. A rickety old place that flooded often, but that's all right, cuz when the water came in the front door, you just open up the back door and let it on out. At least that was how it was before that twisted sister "Katrina" came ashore with her category 4 winds and hurricane tidal surge of over 30 feet. Now all that is left of the Bluecamp is a bed and mattress 30 feet up a tree. Blanchard considers himself real lucky though. Thoroughly blessed is how he puts it. The Boocoo Man left out the back door of New Orleans just as the outer edges of the storm struck. He left with Smo, a fellow Bluecamp artiste and confidante, 7 cats and a parrot. Nobody ate anybody on the trip and that's why he believes he is blessed. The only thing besides the clothes on his back Blanchard took with himself was a handful of cd's containing the audio masters and camera ready artwork for Monsterboy and the Boocoo Man, the book. So here you go. All 68 pages of the story book and full color illustrations with the music and storytelling on a cd . A true labor of love, now delivered to you after the hell of high water. If you are a parent or a grandparent with a child at the pre-reading stage, turn the light down low and put on the cd and snuggle up and follow along page by page as the story of friendship and always trying a new and better way wins out over all adversity. If you are a young child who can't read yet, you can follow the cd along with the pictures. Monsterboy and the Boocoo Man is a story for all ages. On this cd and book He sometimes speaks the French language, he speak that boogarlee French, he sometime speak that Niceois patois, and sometime he even make up some funny words. But that's ok too, cuz he always keeps his poetic license right next to his fishing license. You gonna hear some of them strange musical instruments we been talking about. On this cd, Blanchard, he use a Plektar and a Monsoon stick on some songs he sing. Then he use made up drums a big old Jaw harp and a didgeridoo what comes from the Aborigine peoples that lives out back of Australia. Then of course there is banjo, guitar, musical sticks, string bass, thunder sheet, and lots of sound effects. Man, you should see this Boocoo Man play live! You never seen such foolishness, 25 arms going every which way, all at the same time. With the love of story telling, music, and crazy musical instrument in his heart, Boocoo Man, hopes you like This CD and storybook and buy you some to give to all your friends. We have a spot so you can send us email if you have anything y'all would like to say. If you are a record company or book store or want to buy a whole bunch, email me and we will talk about it. TINMAN (another artiste here at Bluecamp Arts)

About the Book
Bluecamp Arts Publishing presents this all color illustrated 68 page storybook and cd to the world as a pick me up after a year where we could sure use one!

Forget those twisted sisters Katrina and Rita and take a joyous ride.

We got busy, and turned this story loved by students, teachers and parents into a wonderful "musical swamp tale". The book and cd is great for any age from 4 to 104.

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