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Reverend Goat Carson

Reverend Goat Carson
Shallow Graves

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About the Author

Born David Lee Carson of Cherokee descent in Texas and forced to keep his heritage quiet in a racist time, his natural affinity was to country blues. Goat began his musical career in the beatnik coffeehouses of Dallas. Working as a ranch hand for his father, in 1968 he began making bone harps from pelvis bones, rib bones and cow skulls.

His early influences include Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, and his hero Lightnin Hopkins, who he was privileged to play with.

While he was hanging out in the LA music scene, a Yacqui medicine man gave him his name "Go on and Try" or G.O.A.T. and his spiritual life was born.

For Goat the 70's were filled with work in film and music with the likes of Dennis Hopper and Andy Warhol. His songs were recorded by the Alpha Band (T. Bone Burnett, Steven Soles, and Dave Mansfield), Dylan's Rollin Thunder, and WIllie Nelson, who asked for his participation in Farm Aid.

In 1992, Goat actually ran for the American Presidency with the slogan "We Want Our Money Back!" Joe Walsh was his vice-presidential running mate. He lost the race to Bill Clinton, but managed to garner 100,000 votes. The next year, while performing at the Miccosukee Arts and Crafts Festival, he was recognized as "Wolf Clan" by a Cherokee medicine man who proclaimed "Thou has seen the angels." Wolf Clan are known as teachers, healers, and have spiritual vocations.

Arriving in New Orleans in 1994, and after jamming at Muddy Waters with Dave Clemments, Johnny J, and Joey Torres, Goat embraced New Orleans as his home. In 1994, he organized the first Sacred Circle in Congo Square bringing Native Americans together with Mardis Gras Indians. Soon thereafter, the White Buffalo was born and New Orleans declared a White Buffalo Day.

In 1996, Goat was ordained as a Reverend in the Power of Faith Ministries, which aims to bring all people together on the basis of equality with respect for the Native American spiritual path. He now sits on the board for the Ministerial Alliance for Environmental Justice, which is currently suing the Supreme Court of Louisiana for its decision regarding the Tulane law clinic.

Today, Reverend Goat Carson continues his work of teaching true history as an Instructor at "The New Orleans School for the Imagination," promoting tolerance, feeding the soul, and celebrating life. He also continues to tour throughout the South with Dr. John and Kinky Friedman.

About the Book

Set in Hollywood and the Hamptons during the dead end of the 70's, Shallow Graves is a satirical retelling of the Parsival legend. Our Holy Fool is the Professor, a half-breed orphan, who does research for horror films. He finds himself pitted against a cabal of satanic cults all vying for control of the clans at the great Feast of the Beast. Movie stars, human sacrifice, East Hampton society and the living dead are all strung together by thread of coincidence with needle sharp wit. The occult pulp fictions of our times are turned on their heads (the Spear of Destiny was stolen by Houdini at the turn of the century; Magdalene was black.) This dark satire on Hollywood, The DaVinci Code and The State of the Nation is a must read for all true fans of the bizarre.

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