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Suzanne Lopez

Suzanne Lopez
Get Smart With Your Heart:
The Intelligent Guide to Love, Lust, and Lasting Relationships

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About the Author

Energetic, dynamic and articulate, Suzanne Lopez is a licensed psychotherapist and doctorial divinity candidate who always gets to the truth of the matter with great compassion, wisdom and humor. She is the author of Get Smart With Your Heart: The Intelligent Guide to Love, Lust and Lasting Relationships (Putnam), critically acclaimed in Publishers Weekly magazine and a People Magazine Pick. She is s regular advice columnist for Estylo, a national Hispanic magazine, and The Malibu Monthly.

Suzanne has been in private practice for over twenty-five years in the Hollywood Hills, successfully coaching her clientele to more joyful, fulfilling and co-creative relationships. She conducts group intensives and workshops, has been a national seminar speaker and has taught at the graduate level. She is a regularly sought-after media expert, having been a special guest on more than three hundred major talk, magazine, news and morning shows, including Leeza, Sally Jesse Raphael, Montel Williams, Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake, Maury Povitch, The Other Half, Men are from Mars - Women are from Venus, and NBC and ABC news.

- About the Book

This groundbreaking book is based on Suzanne Lopez's nearly two decades of working with intelligent, accomplished women who couldn't get love right. To help them, she developed the Smart Heart Partnering Process, a systematic, proven approach to wise dating and mating that explains:

  • How to avoid Detours, Dangers, and Definite Disasters
  • Conscious Dating--what it is and how to do it
  • How to integrate romance with reality
  • What questions to ask him to discover his goals, values and beliefs
  • How to determine if your partner is ready for the relationship you want
  • Personal/Partner Profiles and how to use them to reveal potential compatibility or conflict in your relationship

"An intelligent approach to finding a compatible partner...will help you pave the way to an open, honest, and fulfilling relationship."
-- John Gray

"Sound relationship advice...excellent."
-- Sally Jesse Raphael

"Illuminates the heart with brilliant breakthrough ideas, so you can orchestrate your life and relationships and make them good and phenomenally better."
-- Mark Victor Hansen

"Hard-nosed, warmhearted advice."
-- Publishers Weekly

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