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William C. Miller

William C. Miller
Long Pig:
A Fantasy Concerning Cannibals, Courts and Other Consumers

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About the Author

William C. Miller, a trial lawyer with more than forty years' experience in federal and state courts, has written on a wide variety of subjects in the course of his legal practice. Long Pig is his first work of fiction. Miller attended the University of California at Berkley, and Hastings College of Law. He is a fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers. An accomplished musician, his favorite leisure activity is playing classical, flamenco, and blues guitar. Miller and his wife, artist Hannelore Steinbeck Miller, live in Sausalito, California.

About the Book
While Pacific Island Cannibals barbecue their traditional enemies, man-eating lawyers and politicos in San Francisco put Penny Hill on trial for murder after she accidentally kills a street person. The media feast on the sensational theme of a rich beauty gunning down the underprivileged, and the mayoral canidates, in the throes of an election campaign, vie to exploit the commotion to gain votes. Sparing no one, this comic novel takes a poke at the stuffed shirts and sacred cows of law, politics, social activism, and international commerce. If there's to be any hope of Penny's survival and that of the justice system, only the intervention of "Big Mouth, " the deity of the cannibalistic islanders, might restore divine order out of the chaos.

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