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Pat MacEnulty

Pat MacEnulty
Time to Say Goodbye

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About the Author

Pat MacEnulty lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She has published three novels and is currently working on her fourth, which takes place in a women's prison.

About the Book
Time to Say Goodbye tells the story of a suburban wife and mother with a deadly past and the detective who is determined to find out the truth. When a motel maid in Gainesville, Florida, is brutally murdered, Detective Bullock believes the crime may be linked to three 25-year-old murders. Later, when another woman disappears, Bullock discovers a connection that his superiors don’t want him to pursue. Working on his own time, Bullock follows a lead to a realtor in North Carolina. Another kidnapping takes him back to Florida and into the eye of a hurricane, where he must battle the elements to save lives.

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