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Carly Newfeld

Carly Newfeld
The Findhorn Book of Guidance and Intuition

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About the Author
Carly Newfeld lived in the Findhorn Community throughout the 1970s and has lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the past 18 years. She has produced and hosted radio shows since 1994, currently hosting "Goddess Radio" on Sunday afternoons on local public radio. She coauthored In Search of the Magic of Findhorn with Karin Bogliolo (Findhorn, 2002).


About the Book
The Findhorn Book of Guidance and Intuition explores the many ways in which we can access spiritual guidance, heed intuition and follow what we receive with diligence and joy. Through insightful narrative and spirited dialogue, Carly Newfeld tells the stories and defines the steps taken by people whose clear guidance and intuition is as integral to their daily lives as brushing their teeth. The first chapters offer a glimpse as to how the Findhorn was brought into manifestation through the discipline of Eileen Caddy, Dorothy Maclean and Peter Caddy. Their very different forms of attunement have inspired thousands of people over the last forty years to seek spiritual guidance, to trust their own intuition and to follow what is revealed to them. Newfeld tells of the colorful characters and ordinary people who show the many forms guidance takes in their lives.


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