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Laryssa Nechay and Nick Nechay

Laryssa Nechay and Nick Nechay
Invisible Friend:
A True Story of Spiritual Initiation

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About the Author

Laryssa Nechay has taught and practiced psychotherapy for forty-five years in such settings as Stanford University, Esalen Institute, and the Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto. While practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area and Mount Shasta, her specialties included helping people with emerging psychic abilities to accept and develop their gifts.

Nick Nechay grew up in California amidst the blossoming human potential movement, surrounded by psychics and spiritual teachers. Recently retired from his business as a fine craftsman workng with interior designers, he now pursues his literary interests and his inspirations in fine art and electronic music production.

About the Book
Invisible Friend tells the story of a couple who communicate with an unseen spirit guide offering life-transforming lessons. Through his wife, Emma, who discovers her gift for transmitting messages of spiritual value, Henry's comrade from previous lives reestablishes contact. Skeptical at first, Henry and Emma soon embrace the Friend's instruction, its undeniable value first reflected in Henry's success in business. Gradually, the Friend helps the two remove emotional obstacles that hinder spiritual progress, and their psychological journey brings harmony to their family relationships-the inner peace they have longed for. As they continue inquiring into their problems, the Friend provides answers about the purpose of life, the nature of karma, and the remarkable workings of consciousness, including "good thought influence," a teaching on how to provide telepathic help to people in need.

Excerpted from extensive records, this account of spiritual initiation condenses a succession of profound teachings into a universal guide for others on the path. Following Henry and Emma's efforts to understand the insights offered to them, readers will grasp the meaning of the teachings and find invaluable practical applicability. Young and old souls alike will derive spiritual nourishment from this timely volume, approved for publication by the Invisible Friend.

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