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Jessica Nagler

Jessica Nagler
Jun Q'anil:
One Who Walks The Way

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About the Author

Jessica Nagler, author and psychotherapist, left Los Angeles in 1999 to travel to Central America on a spiritual quest. There she met up with a Mayan shaman who taught her the ways of the ancient Maya and assisted in her own inner journey. While in Guatemala, Jessica had a profound awakening and though she eventually returned home to Los Angeles, she remained in solitude for nearly three years, studying Buddhism and chronicling her journey. Her first book, Jun Q'anil: One Who Walks the Way, is the direct account of why she left and the adventures that took her deep into the jungles of Central America and ultimately herself.

Jessica received her BA in Political Science, Philosophy, and Sociology from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1989, and her MA in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University in 1992. A California licensed marriage and family therapist and former adjunct faculty member at Pepperdine University, she has an extensive background in clinical psychology. An eating disorders specialist, she's worked in residential treatment facilities and privately. Jessica has been published in both the Los Angeles Daily Journal and the LA Therapist Update. Today she and her husband live in Los Angeles, where she offers psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, and mindfulness training.

About the Book
Have you wondered what might exist beyond your everyday perception?

Psychotherapist Jessica Nagler did, so she walked away from a secure, successful life -- a flourishing career, fiance, a comfortable routine -- and set out on a quest to discover true meaning and purpose.

She found herself rootless in an unfamiliar and exotic land, beyond the outermost limits of her experience. Moving from one serendipitous encounter to another, eventually finding a Mayan shaman to guide her, she slipped into another culture -- and another world.

Jessica nearly didn't return, but she did come back, fundamentally changed. Then she spent three years integrating the journey, redefining her identity, writing the story of her passage -- an astonishing adventure that you won't want to miss.

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