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Dr. Milo Pinkerton III

Dr. Milo Pinkerton III
Consortium of Genius

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About the Musician

Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton, III is a proud graduate of Malign Master Mind University. After an evil childhood spent on a seemingly endless string of experiments on his friends, neighbors, and pets, this twisted genius decided to take over the world in the loudest manner possible. For this purpose he combed the Earth assembling around him a team of the most evil geniuses he could find. After the afore-mentioned geniuses nearly succeeded in killing poor Dr. Pinkerton, he fired them all and recruited Dr. Harry A. Rachnid and Dr. Z. He now travels the world mangling the minds of millions with the most malignant melodies ever imagined...

About the Band

TheConsortium of Genius, better known as the COG, are experts in the field of death, destruction, and live multimedia mayhem.

The group was started in a hidden lab, thousands of miles below the earth's crust. In Kenner, LA. Conveniently located near the airport. But I digress. Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III, the founder of the group, noticed that certain sonic waveforms can have a horribly destructive, yet entertaining effect when broadcast over a large group of people. He spared no time or expense in quickly and cheaply assembling a band of evil masters of their individual evil crafts: evil medicine, evil physics, evil geology... the list goes on, but suffice it to say that the Consortium of Genius utilize all aspects of scientific discipline in assaulting its audience with brain damaging waves of sound.

Joined by fellow scientist Dr. Wolfgang A. Wissenschaft, DrumBot, and Junior Scientist in Training Filbert Wilhelm Snodgrass, Dr. Pinkerton will, in layman's terms, 'Rock Your World.' As it were.

Let us put it this way.

Don't ask too many questions, and you will be spared.

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