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Joan Sotkin

Joan Sotkin
Build Your Money Muscles:
Nine Simple Exercises for Improving Your Relationship with Money

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About the Author

Joan Sotkin battled underearning, chronic debt, and bankruptcy until she discovered the connection between money and emotions. Now she teaches others worldwide how to break free of debilitating money patterns so they can become-and remain-financially fit.

About the Book
Shows how permanently improved financial circumstances arise naturally from changing how people treat themselves and others and from acquiring practical money skills. This takes new muscles that must be developed gradually, just as getting in shape physically requires steady body conditioning. To assist, each of the book's nine exercises concludes with a series of actions to help readers build the stamina necessary for achieving lasting wealth. Among them are hands-on instructions for keeping close track of spending, recording progress in a prosperity journal, and examining entrenched behaviors established in childhood. Success, while not immediate, is almost guaranteed.

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