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R. Scott Taylor


R. Scott Taylor
Stingy Jack

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About the Author

R. Scott Taylor is an artistic jack-of-all-trades residing in Terrytown, Louisiana. He has made the study of world mythologies and obscure trivia a life's work.

About the Book

Professional thief Adam Beesler has one week to pull off his jewel heist. Along the way, he'll woo the attractive art dealer (Clarissa Deleeuw), work out the robbery details with his partner/mentor (Nicky V. Simms), encounter a dead Irish rogue (Jack O'Keefe) and face down the Devil himself.

This dark fantasy encompasses two worlds: modern Boston and 17th century Ireland. Trapped between confliction, Adam struggles to find his way, all the time facing stumbling blocks. Adam's time is limited and perhaps up if he pays no heed to the consequences of his actions.

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